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My interest in medicine started at a young age, and led to me choosing to study Sports Rehabilitation (BSc Hons) at St Mary's University, Twickenham.  The more I worked with people, and got exposed to the wide variety of treatments available, the more I realised how powerful natural alternative medicine was.  After graduating, I continued to study different methods of treatment using Aromatherapy, Myofacial Release, Rehabilitation Programmes and Muscle Energy Techniques.  


Once practicing, I soon felt there was a huge area of potential "road blocks" to healing the body that I was not equipped to address.  This was why I decided to train in Applied Kinesiology with ICAK.  This wonderful approach to "asking the body questions" opened up a fast track to me identifying the root of the problem and treating it, be it physical, chemical, or emotional.


It was during my time studying AK I was introduced to Cranio-Sacral work.  This really jumped out at me as something that would benefit everyone, and essential to restoring balance.  

I started a course specialising in Cranio-Sacral Therapy in 2014, to enhance this area of my skills.  I now feel like a much more rounded practioner, with the tools to treat almost anyone.

If you are no sure which therapy would suit you, please call or email me to discuss your needs.  


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